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1. Name: The club shall be called the Mallaig and District Canoe Club (Hereinafter referred to as the club).          
2.  Objects: The object of the club shall be to provide a safe and enjoyable paddling environment for members, by
2.1 organising a programme of paddling and related  activities;
2.2 providing formal courses of training endorsed by the BCU (British Canoe Union) and the SCA (Scottish Canoe Association);
2.3  purchasing and maintaining a stock of suitable boats and related equipment for loan and hire;
2.4 promoting and supporting club members in acquiring coaching and related qualifications in the field of paddlesport;
2.5 working with other organisations in the furtherance of these objectives; and
2.6 raising funds to support any of the above objects.
3.  Membership:
3.1  The membership shall consist of the following categories: Junior Members (under 17 years); Ordinary Members (age 17 or over) and Family Members (i.e. spouses and children).
3.2  Membership fees shall be as agreed by each annual general meeting.
3.3  There shall be no residence requirement for membership.
3.4  All members joining the club shall be deemed to accept the terms of this constitution and any bye-laws  published from time to time by the club.
3.5  Any member not abiding by either this constitution or any bye-laws published by the club may have his/her membership rescinded by a motion to this effect being passed by a two thirds majority of a quorate committee meeting.
3.6  Attendance at any cruise, training or social event, outing or general meeting organised by the club in any one year shall be deemed to maintain the goodstanding of a persons membership for the ensuing year. If, during a period of twelve months, a member does not involve him/herself in any of the clubs activities, or such activities as may be deemed by the committee to further the aims and objectives of the club, he/she may be denied the facility of renewing membership. If a members goodstanding is to be considered, the matter must be put to a quorate committee meeting and a resolution proposing to deny membership agreed by a two thirds majority. Before this decision is ratified, the member in question must be informed by the secretary of the decision and shall be invited to comment or appeal in writing. The committee must consider the members representations at the next quorate meeting and will then decide, in this case by simple majority, whether or not to ratify the earlier decision.
4.  Management:
4.1 The affairs of the club shall be conducted by an Executive Committee which shall consist of the officers of the club and up to two committee members elected by the membership.
4.2 The Officers of the club who shall be honorary shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Secretary and Equipment Officer who shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. 
4.3 If the post of any officer or other committee member should fall vacant after such an election, the Executive Committee shall have the power to fill the vacancy by co-option. 
4.4 At least one member of the committee shall represent the interests of junior members and, if necessary, shall be co-opted from the leadership of the junior section.
4.5 The Executive Committee shall nominate one of their number to take responsibility for all matters pertaining to child protection as this relates to the activities of the club.
4.6  Any two individual offices of the club may be combined save those of Chairman and Vice Chairman.
5.  General Meetings:
5.1 The club shall hold an Annual General Meeting no later than thirteen months after the preceding AGM.  The business of the meeting shall be to:
(i) approve the minutes of the previous years AGM;
(ii) receive reports from the Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Equipment Officer and Junior Section representative;
(iii) receive the Treasurers report, including audited accounts for the preceding year;
(iv) review and set membership, hire and session fees;
(v) elect the Executive Committee;
(vi) consider changes to the constitution;
(vii) appoint auditors for the clubs accounts; and
(viii) deal with any other relevant business.
5.2  An Extraordinary General Meeting may be requisitioned by an application in writing to the Secretary supported by at least eight members of the club.  The Executive Committee shall also have the power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting by decision of a simple majority of its members.
5.3  At least 21 days notice shall be given to all ordinary and family members of any general meeting.
6.  Voting
6.1  Each ordinary member shall have a single vote.
6.2  Up to two adult family members present at a general meeting shall be entitled to vote.
6.3  At the discretion of the Chairman, any junior members or junior family members present may be permitted to vote.
6.4  With the exception of changes to the constitution and any motion to rescind membership, decisions put to a vote shall be resolved by a simple majority.
6.5  The chairman of the club, or officer deputising for the Chairman, shall have a deliberative vote as well as a casting vote.
6.6  Where this constitution requires a  2/3 majority  it shall be calculated by rounding up any fraction to the nearest whole number.
7.  Quora 
7.1  The quorum at general meetings shall be eight members, except where the motion to be put to the meeting is one relating to the dissolution of the club (see section 14.).
7.2  The quorum for Executive Committee meetings shall be four members.
8.  Secretary's and Membership Secretary's Duties
8.1  The Secretary or substitute shall prepare and present minutes of all business meetings, i.e. committee meetings, Annual General Meetings and any extraordinary general meetings.
8.2  The Secretary shall give all Ordinary and Family Members 21 days notice of any general meeting together with an agenda which has been agreed with the chairman.
8.3  The Membership Secretary shall assist the Treasurer by collecting the membership fees of all new Ordinary and Family members.   Each new member shall be sent a membership pack comprising of a copy of the constitution, an equipment list and hire regulations, a membership list and the password to provide access to the protected windows on the club's website.
8.4  The Membership Secretary will maintain an up to date list of members and, at least once per year, shall prepare and circulate to Ordinary and Family Members an up to date list of such members with their contact numbers, postal and email addresses.
9. Finance and Accounts
9.1  The financial year shall run from September 19th. to Septmber 18th. the following year.
9.2  The Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation of the annual accounts of the club.
9.3  The accounts shall be audited by an independent person elected annually by the Annual General Meeting.
9.4  All cheques drawn against the clubs funds shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other nominated officer.
9.5  All Ordinary and Adult Family Members of the club shall be considered to be jointly responsible for the financial liabilities of the club.
10.  Boats and Equipment
10.1  The Equipment Officer shall be responsible for the security of any boats and equipment (hereafter simply equipment) purchased or otherwise acquired by the club in furtherance of its stated objectives.
10.2  The Equipment Officer shall conduct an inventory of all equipment at least once a year and shall report to members at the AGM  any shortages or deficiencies in the equipment and make recommendations regarding needful acquisitions.
10.3  The Equipment Officer shall devise and propose to the membership a system to permit members and others to loan and/or hire the clubs equipment. Once approved, this system shall be published as a set of byelaws in the hire books kept with the equipment.
10.4  At least once per year the Equipment Officer shall calculate all fees owing to the club from the hire of equipment, informing the Treasurer and the involved members of their debts.

11. Junior Section
11.1 The Junior Section of the Club (hereafter 'juniors') will be led by volunteers from the adult membership of the club at least one of whom shall represent the interests of the juniors upon the Executive Committee.
11.2 One volunteer leader shall keep a register of the juniors together with parental permission and medical information forms.
11.3 The AGM of the club shall receive from one of the volunteer leaders a report of the year's activities of the Junior Section.
11.4 All day to day matters pertaining to the juniors, e.g. membership, collection of fees, programme of activities, finances, etc. shall be matters solely for the volunteer leaders of this section, save only that they consult with the members of the Executive Committee and/or the Ordinary and Family Members via the AGM or an extraordinary general meeting whenever a significant change of policy or practice is required. If there is any doubt about the definition of 'significant change of policy or practice' the Chairman shall be consulted and his/her ruling on this matter must be accepted.

12. Bye Laws
The Executive Committee shall have the power to publish and enforce such bye-laws as the membership feels necessary to govern the activities of the club.

13.  Changes to the Constitution 
13.1  Any change to the constitution shall require a two thirds majority of those present  and eligible to vote at a general meeting.
13.2   Notice shall be given to all voting members of any general meeting (as specified in sections 5.3 & 8.3) and then any proposal to change the Constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least fifteen days prior to the meeting.

14.  Dissolution
14.1  If a majority of the Executive Committee, or such of the clubs officers as are still in post,  should be of the opinion that the club should be dissolved, they shall call an extraordinary general meeting, giving the required 21 days notice, and shall make clear to members the agenda for this meeting.
14.2  Regardless of the normal quorum requirement for such a meeting, if a simple majority of members present agree with the dissolution proposal, the Executive Committee shall
(i) first endeavour to clear all the clubs outstanding debts, if necessary by selling any appropriate assets; and
(ii) be empowered to dispose of all the clubs remaining assets.
14.3  In disposing the clubs assets the Executive Committee, or such of the clubs officers as are still in post, shall endeavour to identify an organisation with similar objectives to the club to be the recipient of the said assets.
14.4  Under no circumstances shall any assets  be distributed amongst the members of the club in any way whatsoever.
First adopted at AGM, 7th October 2001
Further amendments approved at 2004 & 2005 AGM.